Hi. We're Hyberia.

A webcasting and videography solution for special events and other things.

What we do

We take your event to a global audience.

Webcasting is broad, but we focus on making your event available online.

Live, No hassle

There is no limit on who can watch your event.

Ticketed event

We can monetize your event. You set the price, we deliver.

We travel

We are ready to go where your event is, as long as we can get to it.

Video Production

We can save the memories from your event.

Video editing

Summerized version or promotional media for your event? We do that!


Yes, we even do weddings!

Previous clients

Over the years we have worked at many great events.


The origin of Hyberia. We started just doing it for fun and now we deliver, record and organise many shows over the 3 days of the event.

The team.

Founded in 2011 by Mathieu and Arnaud, we have grown to a small but dedicated team.

Mathieu Charron

Marc Tremblay

Jamie Nadeau

Other members

Arnaud Dubé

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We normally answer pretty quickly.

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